Want to advertise your business on my blog? I'm always looking to trade ad space, or I sell spaces for $10.00 per month, which gets you a 200 x 200 pixel ad space in the upper half of my sidebar which can be static or animated, whichever you like!

Oh the Cuteness! gets over 30,000 unique pageviews per month, close to 1000 per day, with over 500 readers subscribed to my feed and another 400+ subscribed via Google, and that number is constantly growing. And best of all, if you sign up for ad space with me now, I won't raise your rates in the future as my site continues to grow.

Please e-mail me at for more information on how to sign up!


  1. I just had to laugh when I read your post because this is what I have been going through too! I recently decided to really give my blog a go and just by adding a few new free patterns I have went from 35 followers to 70 in 2 weeks and about 1,000-1,500 hits a day I also have started trying harder with my adsense. I know this is controversial and not for everyone, but since my blog will be tons of free patterns I decided not to feel bad about it. I hate working for other people and want to put a stop to it right now ;) I think your cards and flyers look great! I don't have any advice, just wanted to say good luck!!! Hopefully I can get my followers up even higher here soon and maybe we can talk about exchanging advertising some day :)

  2. Chase I see, as of this post, you all of a sudden went from 900 to over 4000 followers on pintrest ...
    if it keeps growing as fast as it is ... wow

    don't count us out ...I just love finding things on pintrest links and etsy, they are my fav. go to spots to purchase from , can always find what i'm looking for , at a fair price :)